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About us

The Energy: Connected conference is a world-leading meeting place where we gather industry, technology, academia, energy, and people to solve common challenges and see new opportunities towards net zero.  

For two days, you will be able to listen to and be inspired by great speakers known for their bold ambitions, participate in energy specific parallel and technical sessions where we will connect our ambitions with sustainable solutions and become global winners with our masterclasses. 

It is finally possible to meet each other again, and as social events are a key part of Energy:Connected’21 we have made this our main priority. We wish to gather the pioneers and our best problem-solvers within the energy industry, state-of-the-art academia, financial institutions for the energy transition, the promising energy start-up ecosystem, and key political stakeholders for a chance to connect.  

We believe that the best solutions are made together! 

The race to net-zero is a historic opportunity for the energy industry. We stand at the doorstep of the decade of action. The foundation for new jobs and industrial growth rises from Norwegian energy resources, science, and knowledge.

It is a time for pioneers within the industry, in academia, finance and politics to set bold ambitions.

And it is a time for our best problem solvers to create sustainable solutions

To create global winners in this race, we need your energy. Because the transition must be for and about people. In times of change, maintaining trust between humans, is the key to success.

Energy:Connected’21 is connecting bold ambitions with sustainable solutions.

Energy:Connected’21 is powered by Energy Valley –  a technology cluster and Norwegian Centre of Expertise (NCE) in energy technology with a centre of gravity in the greater capital region of Norway. By offering infrastructure for collaboration, knowledge transfer and new insight, we help our members adapt to, benefit from, and contribute to the energy industry in transition.

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