Synneva Erland Confirmed as Moderator at Energy Connected

17 April 2023

Synneva Erland, Senior Advisor at Intersearch is confirmed as moderator for Energy Connected!

Intersearch is one of the many exciting partners for the conference and will be present also as an exhibitor.

Erland is known as one of Norway’s most popular moderators, a distinction recognized by the magazine Kapital. Her ability to engage audiences and facilitate productive conversations has made her a sought-after speaker and moderator for events in Norway and abroad.

What are you looking most forward to by being a moderator at EC?

“As a moderator at EC, I am most looking forward to facilitating meaningful conversations and connections between the attendees and the experts in the field of energy. I believe that by bringing together people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, we can spark new ideas and innovative solutions to the challenges facing the industry. I am excited to be a part of that process and to help create a dynamic and engaging conference experience,” says Erland.

Hoping to inspire and give purpose

As a Senior Advisor at Intersearch Norway, a leading Executive Search company, Synneva Erland has established herself as a respected authority in the field of leadership development, Executive Search, and public speaking. She is deeply committed to creating psychologically safe and supportive work environments, and she works tirelessly to ensure that fair and solid processes are in place to serve both candidates and customers.

Can you tell us a little about your background and how it can relate to the theme for the conference: Unlocking the future of energy?

“As a consultant in the energy industry for over a decade, I have seen first-hand the challenges and opportunities facing this rapidly evolving sector. Through my work at Intersearch Norway, a leading Executive Search company specializing in the energy industry and a proud partner of EC, I have had the privilege of working closely with senior executives and thought leaders in the field,” she says and adds: 

“I am particularly excited to see how the theme of unlocking the future of energy will be explored at the conference, as I believe that this is a critical issue for the industry and for the planet as a whole. As a moderator, I plan to draw on my expertise and experience to facilitate engaging and insightful discussions that will help attendees gain new perspectives and insights into the future of energy.”

Erland’s commitment to fostering psychological safety led her to delve deeply into the subject, studying it extensively and joining masterclasses with Amy Edmondson, a recognized authority in the field. Her expertise and insights have been sought out by businesses across Norway, and she is a respected voice for building trust and creating positive work environments.

Her expertise in leadership development and Executive Search is matched by her exceptional public speaking skills. She has spoken at numerous events and conferences, captivating audiences with her insights and engaging style.

Thank you, partners, for making it happen!

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